High School, College and Career Readiness

Priority Objective: Ensuring all youth graduate from high school and are college and career ready

Group Goals

  • Ensure alignment to state policy
    • (HB5 )
    • (Dual enrollment Senate bill)
    • CB 6530 Plan
  • Analyze key metrics for college reading
    • TS1 ready (ACT, SAT,PSAT)
    • Dual credit enrollment
  • Analyze current high school programs
    • Early college HS programs effectiveness
  • Develop best practices in managing school discipline and attendance for males of color

committee members

Team Members

  • Chair: Victor Saenz (UT Austin)
  • Co-chair: Sonia Dominguez (AISD)
  • Molly Beth Malcolm (Austin Community College)
  • Robert Bachicha (Communities in Schools, XY Zone Program)
  • David Contreras (LaunchPad the Center)
  • Meg Clifford (Youth Court)
  • Elaine Hopkins (AISD)
  • Ty Davidson (AISD)
  • Mike Gutierrez, Project MALES (co-chair)
  • Asha Dane’el, Austin ISD (co-chair)
  • Betty Johnson, USDA (member)
  • Dr. Joshua Childs, UT-Austin (member)

Data Analysis

Data Analysis PDF screenshot