Post Secondary Education and Workforce Placement

Priority Objective: Ensuring all youth complete post-secondary education or training and ensuring all youth out of school are employed

Group Goals

  • Develop resource mapping on various service providers highlighting best practices
  • Strengthen shared roles as outcome of resource mapping
  • Get men of color to college, graduated and placed in Austin
  • Work closely with the HS Group in transition from High School to post-secondary

Committee members

Team Members

  • Chair: Richard Armenta (Austin Community College)
  • Co-Chair: Colette Pierce-Burnette (Huston-Tillotson)
  • Chiquita Eugene (City of Austin)
  • Geronimo Rodriquez (Seton)
  • Gigi Bryant (Austin Community College)
  • Karl Nichols (E3 Alliance)
  • Johnny Hill (Austin Community College)
  • Raul Alvarez (AISD)
  • Cameron Morgan¬†(Toshiba)
  • Jay McCullar (Austin Community College)
  • Laura Brady (Workforce Solutions)
  • Kristin Boyer (Texas Guarantee)

Data Analysis

Data Analysis PDF screenshot