Violence Prevention and Second Chance Programs

Priority Objective:  Ensuring that violence to and by males of color is prevented in our local community and increasing opportunities to assist second chances for males of color.

Group Goals

  • Identify available resources
  • Coordinate mentorship groups
  • Attend school activities
  • Secure student testimonials
  • Collect data for asset identification

Committee members

Team Members

  • Chair: Keivon Liburd (AISD)
  • Co-Chair: Emmet Campos (UT Austin)
  • Margo Dover (Skillpoint Alliance)
  • Kazique Prince (City of Austin)
  • Gary Cobb (Travis County)
  • Angela Ward (AISD)
  • Stephanie Hawley (ACC)
  • Courtney Robinson (Excellence and Advancement Foundation)
  • Wayne Knox (Hutson-Tillotson)
  • Sherwynn Patton (Life Anew Restorative Justice)
  • Cathy Mcclaugherty (Travis County)
  • Tamara Atkinson (Workforce Solutions Capital Area)
  • Kathleen Schneeman (YMCA of Austin)
  • Gene Wills (Travis County Probation)

Data Analysis

MBK statistics